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Take control of your job search

Imagine not feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do for a successful transition.

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Boost your Interview confidence

Gain confidence by developing the right mindset and truly preparing.

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Paul regained confidence in his job search

"Gus is a wonderful coach. Working with Gus is a pleasure - he has a positive attitude, is an expert in his field, and enthusiastically goes above and beyond to ensure the right outcomes for the project and client. As a coach, Gus has provided new perspectives, guidance and tools and helped “push” me closer to achieving my goals. Gus is a catalyst for creativity and accountability. He asks challenging questions that help decompose obstacles into manageable and actionable “chunks”."

Jaime's interviewing confidence increased

"Thanks for your help over the summer! Sitting down with all the information and discussing next steps with you really helped me sort out what I wanted and needed to do to move forward to a positive place. I have found a place where I can make a difference and be stress-free, at least for now. Thanks again!"

Susan Felt more confident asking for help

"I found Gus to be an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate coach. Because he is an excellent listener, he was able to help me identify my true needs and goals and then to set plans into action to achieve them. From brief written assignments that summarized our meetings to plans outlining specific steps for the week, Gus made sure I was laser-focused on my goals. I highly recommend working with him, not only because he creates a safe and trusting environment, but because he has provided excellent guidance and advice."

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