Hi, I'm Gus Lawson.

I love using my coaching skills and action orientation to help others strengthen their confidence.


I know first hand how to recover from low confidence to strengthen my career. After running out of savings while launching a business, I had put my family through too much stress. I had to secure a full-time position.  As I was applying for work, I had to explain a gap in employment. For my family, I had to take the first position available.

The culture wasn't right and after completing a short term project, I found myself unemployed again.

This time was different. I was confident. My networking improved. I interviewed better.  I received three offers over the course of two weeks.  

I enjoy using my listening skills and appreciation for pragmatic solutions to help people build their job-search confidence. I've helped people who felt overwhelmed because they were unsure about what to do next, needed to recover from a toxic work environment, or wanted to strengthen their brand and networking skills.  

I'm a proud U.S. Navy veteran, MBA graduate, and certified executive coach and happy to share my experiences to help you build your career confidence.

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