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Gain Comfort with Networking:

Tactical Tips to Find Hidden Opportunities!

In this FREE live training you'll discover how to:

  • Think of networking more positively
  • Stay true to yourself while networking
  • Overcome anxiety and go to large networking events
  • Find networking events where you'll make great connections
  • Use technology to save time and build stronger connections

You'll get a free worksheet And Access to The TooL I Used To help Me strengthen my relationships.

Thursday, May 25, 2017    @ 1:00 PM Eastern Time


The workshop had a lot of key information for someone looking to advance their career search. There were two things that stuck to mind which were volunteering and expanding your network. To be honest I have not been doing a lot of networking and I think much of it has to do with fear and being a little bit shy. I intend to take these steps and see how it works out. Once again thanks for the workshop.