Imagine feeling less overwhelmed and more confident in your job search.


Discover the methods I used to stop feeling anxious while unemployed to help me gain control of my job search.

Using my methods, I received two offers in the same week after six weeks of unemployment.


What's possible for you?


You may have been convinced

  • Feeling frantic is the norm when you're unemployed
  • It takes too much time to tailor resumes and write cover letters for every opportunity you find
  • There are too many expectations of you while you're job searching
  • It's too difficult to change your approach to searching for a job

Peace of Mind

You won't get there by not knowing how you can make the best use of your time.


If you work hard, consider what's possible, and willing to try new things, you're just the type of person to go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident about your job-search.

Want to feel great about your job-search?

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Tig felt less overwhelmed and took control of her schedule

I have seen tremendous change in my organization as a result of my sessions with Gus. He has helped to develop my organization both in my thinking and the way I go about my work. Pre Gus-- I was all over the place and struggled to keep up with things. Post Gus--my days are much more organized with a printed calendar on hand, prioritized events and activities, and a neat work space. The value I received from my sessions with Gus, though short, have been tremendous.

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While taking this course, you'll be able to:

  • Establish job-search goals
  • Prioritize key activities
  • Minimize distractions
  • Add structure to your job search

When I was unemployed the first time and confident I would find work quickly, days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Time was slipping, stress and pressure were increasing, and my savings were dwindling.

My failed plan included:

  1. Scanning multiple sites analyzing job requirements
  2. Spending an hour or two tailoring my resume and writing cover letters for each interesting opportunity
  3. Using LinkedIn to find potential hiring managers and asking for introductions from colleagues I didn’t stay in contact with

What was I thinking?

My approach was ineffective and I knew I had to change my plan of attack.

I figured out a better way to use my time. I'm thankful I did because I was able to find my next role after being unemployed for six weeks. 

Let me show you the steps I took.

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