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Suzanne wanted to Pursue New Opportunities

I was able to reflect on where I am at in my career path and, at my current crossroads, through various assessment tools that you utilized, really hone in on what I want out of my career (and in many ways, life)

The experience felt catered to my needs, and not directed by you as a coach, which led richness to each weekly exchange.  I also believed that the tasks (or homework) given to me was a tool to help me further confirm my decisions as we worked together.  Last of all, I would emphasize what you provided to the experience that previous mentoring relationships had not, no bias or judgment heading into the session.  

You truly met me where I was at each week and you helped me work through several issues that I had felt “stuck” in dealing with for several years.  Thank you for your time, candor, expertise and willingness to work with me as I attempt to advance into leadership within my agency. 

It's Sunday night.

As you think about the great weekend you had, you feel like a ton of bricks were dropped on you.

You have to go to work tomorrow.

You were tired of feeling this way week in and week out. Months would pass and yet your situation was still the same.

Then one week you realized, you deserve better. You can create a new future. 

You started searching online for new opportunities, updated your resume, and began letting your support network know you were ready for a change. You felt excited to create this new future. As weeks passed excitement turned to frustration after sharing your resume and not seeing results. You began to doubt you could create this new future.

You started to believe that a job is just a job and you don't need to feel fulfilled or excitement at work. It's just a means to provide for you and your family.

Does this sound familiar? Have you given up on your career?

It doesn't have to be this way. Your original instincts are correct. You do deserve better. You can create a new future.

You just need a roadmap, some time to reflect, and the willingness to push through some discomfort to create a better future.

Find Your Future: Make It Happen has been specifically designed to help you determine what you want and take action to achieve it.

You can go from creating your vision to implementation. I'll help you:

  • Create a vision
  • Ensure you have the mindset to achieve make your vision a reality
  • Strengthen and build your network
  • Refine your brand
  • Identify the skills you want to develop.

This program is designed from the ground up with you in mind.

Step 1: Find Your Future

Define what you want out of life and your career. Imagine the renewed excitement you'll feel when you determine your personal and professional goals.

Develop your personal mission statement so you can focus your networking and branding efforts. 


Step 2: Develop Your Brand

Discover how to put your best self out there. Imagine the doors that will open for you when people know the value you can provide.

Apply your brand to all aspects of your job-search. Discover other ways to stand out - in a good way.

Step 3: Strengthen and Grow Your Network

Reconnect with colleagues and gain comfort meeting new people in-person and online. Imagine how you'll feel when you can be yourself and benefit from meeting others.

Discover ways to become better connected.