Find Your Future

This series of workshops will show you how to use your beliefs, experiences, and desires to determine the future you want to create.

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TIG wanted to create her new future

I feel like I have more direction in what I want to do both at work and at home. I have learned from my sessions with Gus that focusing on one thing and doing it well is as, if not more effective, than doing multiple things and stretching myself thin. I am more focused with a clear route to where I want to be professionally. 


What will you create in this course?

  • Renewed confidence in knowing what you want out of your life and your career
  • New beliefs to propel you forward
  • Your personal mission statement
  • An e-vision board to keep you motivated
  • Reassurance knowing you don't have to give up your current role to pursue your dreams
  • 30-day action plan

What will happen when you create the items listed above?

  • How will colleagues regard you?
  • How will loved ones think of you?
  • How will your self-esteem change?

Paul regained confidence in his job search

"Gus is a wonderful coach. Working with Gus is a pleasure - he has a positive attitude, is an expert in his field, and enthusiastically goes above and beyond to ensure the right outcomes for the project and client. As a coach, Gus has provided new perspectives, guidance and tools and helped “push” me closer to achieving my goals. Gus is a catalyst for creativity and accountability. He asks challenging questions that help decompose obstacles into manageable and actionable “chunks”."

In this first session, we'll help you:

  • Determine the specific outcomes you want to see out of your life
  • Identify the values important to you
  • Find images for your e-vision board
  • Become familiar with the different personality assessments available to help you determine what you want

After reflecting on your desired outcomes, values, and personality, we'll help you:

  • Consider your skills and interests and desired industries to create your personal mission statement
  • Create graphics for your e-vision board
  • Identify your dream role

After picking your ideal role, we'll help you:

  • Finalize and share your dream board to solicit encouragement and support
  • Identify possible beliefs holding you back
  • Reframe those beliefs into new and more productive beliefs

With your new beliefs, e-vision board, and your future designed, we'll start moving from vision to action.

We'll help you create your 30, 90, and 365-day plan.

We'll also spend time to check in and make sure you have what you need to get what you wanted out of this course. We'll discuss successes people have enjoyed and explore ways for you to create your future.

What will you get when you register? 

Lifelong access to these materials

  • Worksheets to add structure and guide you through our process
  • Step-by-step instructions and free resources to create your e-vision board.
  • Three questions to create your personal mission statement
  • Personal values alignment checklist
  • Process to help you identify and reframe limiting thoughts
  • Template to create your action plans
  • Journal sheets to keep you on track long after you've gone through the course

Two months of email support in case you get stuck or need a little extra help.


How does it work?

When you register for the course, you'll be assigned to a group.

Each group is limited to 12 people. This allows you to meet and learn from others, share your experiences, and for you to get individual attention and feedback as you're working through the content.

We meet weekly for about 45 minutes to accomplish two things. First, we'll review the content for each week. Second, we'll take time to explore insights you discover and ensure you feel confident about completing the assignments.

If a question arises during the week, send me a note. As part of the program, you get two months of email support.

As long as you're willing to reflect and work hard, you should discover an excitement for your new future.