Develop Your Brand

This series of workshops will show you how to create and apply your brand to all aspects of your job-search.

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Julie wanted to Change How People Perceived her

Gus encouraged me to consider how taking risks would benefit me verses the cost of not taking those risks.  The process pushed me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to actually investigate myself for solutions to circumstances I find myself in. 
By the last session, I found it easier to answer the questions, which tells me I’m progressing through the practice of introspection, guided by Gus.  I found value in this tool and I hope to carry these practices with me into future successes of my career. 

What will you create in this course?

  • A consistent, focused, and positive image to help you be more marketable for the opportunities you want

What opportunities will you create when you're able to demonstrate the value you provide?


Pamela recognized she needed to learn what others value

Gus excelled at showing me that I had the answers within myself to address many difficult situations. Based on my coaching sessions with Gus, I was able to approach situations with more confidence and perspective – or, in some cases, even just approach the situation head-on when I previously would have avoided it as long as possible! 

In this first session, we'll help you:

  • Discuss the elements of a successful personal brand
  • Answer four critical questions before updating your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Discover how others perceive your fit for your desired role
  • Address gaps between your current and desired brand
  • Develop the most relevant success stories

After the first week, you'll be ready to refine your resume.

  • Review criteria for successful resumes
  • Find alternative ways to express your accomplishments and skills so you can stand out in the job search
  • Discuss the importance of having at least two different resumes
  • Test the effectiveness of different resume formats to find what works best for you
  • Get feedback about your resume

With your resume updated, let's get the most out of LinkedIn.

  • Step by step instructions for creating a complete profile
  • Create sharable content demonstrating your knowledge and abilities
  • Discover how to involve and support others
  • Create social proof of the results you can achieve
  • Ask three questions to get meaningful recommendations

With the foundation set for your personal brand, we'll help you:

  • Explore other ways to get in front of prospective employers
  • Pull all aspects of your brand together
  • See what's working for you 

What will you get in this course? 

Lifelong access to these materials

  • Four questions to learn how you're perceived
  • Downloadable resume template and resume building checklist
  • Checklist to get the most out of LinkedIn

Feedback on your resume

Two months of email support in case you get stuck or need a little extra help.


How does it work?

When you register for the course, you'll be assigned to a group.

Each group is limited to 12 people. This allows you to meet and learn from others, share your experiences, and for you to get individual attention and feedback as you're working through the content.

We meet weekly for about 45 minutes to accomplish two things. First, we'll review the content for each week. Second, we'll take time to explore insights you discover and ensure you feel confident about completing the assignments.

If a question arises during the week, send me a note. As part of the program, you get two months of email support.

As long as you're willing to reflect and work hard, you should discover an excitement for your new future.